february destination: rockaway

it’s wintertime baby. hope y’all are suited up and hangin in.

this month, we went home to see our jack-of-all-trades friends at the almeda club (they’re also helping keep surfers legit nice n’ toasty inside their sauna). if you’re looking for a sweet winter day trip, take a jaunt to rockaway. looking for a recap on the local surf report…and where to eat? we got you. we’re feeling the warmth knowing the days keep getting lighter… and longer. 



Greetings from the Almeda Club

Equal parts barbershop, surf shop, clubhouse, merch store and defacto art gallery, Rockaway natives Joe Falcone and Graham Hill opened their corner spot (est. 2020) in an old bodega. While the outside still retains that vintage feel, inside you’ll find warm, lo-fi friendly vibes. 

Make a run on the tees and sweatshirts (they sell out quickly) or pick out a Poem Surf Craft board –made by Almeda friend Jimmy O’Brien. There are also chunky ceramic pieces by Luka Carter, DIP soap, our cold Rockaway cans and Willderness Yard tinctures formulated with chaga mushrooms. Hot off the presses, you’ll wanna stock up on DING ZAP!, the brainchild of Falcone, who took several years to craft and perfect his emergency repair tape for surfboards.

Out back, stash your boards in locker rentals, or huddle inside the magically-scented, wood-fired sauna that Graham built (you can also fit five of your friends in here). All we can say is: book in advance. That goes for Joe’s haircuts, because the day we were in, it was a revolving door of friends and neighbors, some came from the grooming and others came to hang out.  69-62 Almeda Ave, Queens, NY 11692

#lovethybodega :



Ok yeah not a bodega, but inside the Rockaway Hotel, we love thy Greenhouse Cafe which always brews warm coffee (and good vibes). If you’re looking for some extra zing, hit the on-tap Rocket Fuel (aka, iced cafe au lait but with Vermont Maple Syrup). Also bonus points for the bang-up sourdough waffles. Because this is our backyard, you can find all four of our plant-powered cans.

Addy : 108-10 Rockaway Beach Drive, Rockaway Beach. NY 11694





“Always do the right thing.” - Da Mayor

“Always do the right thing.” - Da Mayor

“That's it?” - Mookie

“That's it.” -Da Mayor

“I got it, I'm gone.” -Mookie

Brought to you by Spike Lee, this flick takes place on a blazing hot day in Bed-Stuy where racial tension mounts between African Americans and the Italian-American owners of a pizza joint. Samuel L. Jackson narrates the action and there’s also the sultry Rosie Perez. Also iconic is the soundtrack feat. Public Enemy (Fight the Power) and a jazzy score composed by Bill Lee (Spike’s Dad).




@djtanknyc doing her part to keep you warm :

wintertime in rockaway

bonus track

the chill has us craving summer. back in the late 1940s, new york city photographer sam shere came to the rockaways to see why the nypd was writing up “indecent exposure” tickets to beachgoers. so, if you’re looking for a fun little rockaway rabbit hole and sign of the times, check out this little treasure trove of golden oldies.  

founder freestyle flow :

it’s brick. but love the winter slow down, get cozy and head down focus on bringing the heat for a killer year ahead. cant wait to share all the news when we are ready. but for now, the forecast is calling for some snow this weekend… so hope you hit the slopes, suit up for some waves, or just keep it real and grab a boogie board ‘sled’ and head to bus hill (iykyk) — throw some snowballs and find your inner kid! the summer doesnt taste as good as it does without the winter. #balance

rock on. x b

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