well, well, well.  summer has finally arrived.

and things are already going swimmingly.  this month, we’re mixing work-hard-play-hard vibes with some big city inspiration. we caught up with nyc designer susan alexandra about her beaded creations, and then we headed over to queens to chat with our own rockaway can designer alex cannon. #lovethybodega feat. bk and we’re also sharing what’s on loop cuz good beats (rockaway radio!) and visuals make the world go ‘round.


Founded by Susan Korn, Susan Alexandra is a NYC-based brand that has expanded into widely celebrated beaded bags seen on celebrities and tastemakers across the globe. Each piece is lovingly made by hand in NYC. 

Where are you from?
Susan Alexandra: Columbus, OH

What is your favorite part of summer in NYC? 

SA: Eating outside and riding a bike on an empty street at night!

You work in a rainbow of color, what influences your work? 

SA: Food, flowers, Frida Kahlo, past lives and Mexico.

Describe your ideal warm weather and accessories wardrobe.

SA: In this scenario I'm deeply tan and wearing lots of white linen (with my SA bags and jewelry, naturally).

How do you balance work and play? 

SA: What's balance???

What’s your favorite pizza joint? 

SA: Table 87, mmmmm….

What’s your summer mantra? 

SA: Be more tan!


Alex Cannon is a graphic designer, illustrator, and art director from New York. She grew up in Yonkers and studied illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She lives in Queens with her husband and son. 

Where are you from?

Alex Cannon: I was born in Manhattan and grew up in Yonkers. I have lived in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and then finally in Queens since 2011. 

How did you and Bridget meet?

AC: My husband Chris and Bridget have been friends since childhood. 

What was your design inspiration for the cans? 

AC: We focused on getting the vibe right. With new beverages you can either look at the field and try to fit in, or do what you think feels right and hope that carries. Bridget and I saw eye-to-eye on what the Rockaway energy is. I think we stayed true to that principle.

How do you balance work and life?

It's difficult! I work on creating boundaries and keeping promises to take planned time off to enjoy life. There’s no point working so hard if you're not going to enjoy it. We also recently welcomed our very first child, and so it's become even more important to create balance.

You’ve spent a lot of time in the Rockaways — what are some of your favorite spots?

I co-chair the Poseidon's Parade and love hanging at Caracas where I sip frozen sangria, listen to the band and get everything started.  Rockaway Brew Co. on 72nd is really fun. Pico is great for hanging uptown, their huevos rancheros have saved my life. Also shoutout to Rockaway Roasters for bringing a decent cup of coffee to the scene.

What song is currently on repeat?

AC: I like this album and there’s a Bob Marley record of rearranged classics for kids called "B is for Bob.” I have that on all the time when I'm chillin with my little baby. He’s a big vibes baby.

What are your 3 favorite eateries around your home in Astoria?

AC: We’re real 'regulars' at King of Souvlaki, Sekend Sun (they have the best fried chicken sandwiches in NYC) and our #1 spot is Botte Bar, which is the stuff of dreams and serves perfect pasta dishes.

What’s your summer mantra?

AC: Enjoy your life.

#lovethybodega :



since 2010, this laid-back, family-owned carroll gardens bodega has carried pantry essentials, healthy treats and a large selection of cheeses, hard-to-find beers and ciders. We’re nabbing some beach snacks and a few cans of our chilled, plant-powered ROCKAWAY cans. 

Addy: 414 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

BONUS FEATURE: Wonder Wheel Daze

Warriors got us thinking about Coney Island (oh yeah, there’s more than one beach in this city), home of the Cyclone and Mermaid Parade. Nathan’s Famous too (4th of July is for eating hot dogs). For some beach n’ boardwalk inspo, check out this 80-year-plus realness. We’re also digging street photographer Harry Stein’s book of black-and-white snaps.

Now Showing On Loop : WARRIORS

“Can You Dig It?” two words: cult classic. Walter Hill’s 1979 low-budget flick mixes high camp and urban fantasy as the Coney Island“Warrior”gang rides the Q train for a dramatic showdown.  We love it for the nocturnal nights, graffiti’d subways (tagged by 70s legends Iz the Wiz, Spear, Kado and Nic 707) and tough dudes in tight leather vests.  The rockcentric soundtrack (on vinyl please) is also aces.


yo! we got our sh*t together and launched a spotify account. and thanks to our local homegirl @djtanknyc we have our playlist of the month :


bridget’s final thoughts

SO pumped that the city is returning to the energy that it deserves. ive been riding the wave here for the past year and a half, and the true nyc never left. we’ve always been tough as shit, and we always will be. good, bad and ugly — nyc you are my ride or die. now let’s play.

in other news - i’ve been hitting the streets (and the coolers) hard hustling ROCKAWAY around the 5 boroughs. pushing the big guys back. you can find our cans in over 250 stores (and growing) in this great city. now let’s get them off the shelves fast — keep your eyes (and mouths?) open.

psa : get your vax. lose your mask. play hard! laugh more (its good for your health!). dance. hug. be patient. tip your bartenders and servers well.

Here’s to a summer full of incredible and well deserved memories — ROCK ON x B

where the streets meet the beach. @drinkrockaway