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well, it’s just about august and the dog days of summer are definitely here. this month, we’re talking to two rad nyc illustrators, josh cochran and amrita marino, stocking our #lovethybodega cooler with some les flavor and digging into plant-powered adaptogens hoopla (cuz’ what the hell is maca anyway?).  we’re also sharing our latest beats -- and because the planet is forever #1, we’re giving back to the ocean. can’t stop, won’t stop. 


Originally from California and Taiwan, Josh Cochran is an illustrator and muralist living in Brooklyn. He loves a good taco and the cold side of a pillow.  

Rockaway: Where are you from?

JC: I grew up in Taiwan and California, but am currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

What’s your favorite part of summer in NYC?

JC: Weirdly, I love the deep summer here in NYC. When it's so hot and humid it almost becomes hard to breathe, everyone starts to feel a little insane. Air conditioners dripping onto the concrete, the curious smell of urine, bbqs and weed wafting through the air and fireflies all about.

You work with a lot of color, what influences your work?

JC: I don't think I have one particular influence for color. I've just always been drawn to interesting color combinations and try to keep a pretty casual catalog of things I like. This can range from film stills, 90s fashion, a beautiful sunset, and random trash I find on the street.

Where do you look for inspiration? 

JC: I look a lot to my past for inspiration. Memories of my childhood, moments that have stuck to me as I've gotten older. These memories and experiences are things that have shaped who I've become as an artist. It feels like an endless well which I can draw from.

How do you balance work and play?

JC: I try not to have such a hard line between the two things of work and play. I think most artists that have had a fruitful career have always incorporated play in their work and vice versa. When I was coming up, I’d be frustrated because it was so hard to create a boundary between the two and now I'm learning to just embrace the fuzziness of it all. 

What’s your summer mantra?

A: "Take it easy bro!"


Amrita Marino is an Indian-born, American illustrator from NYC. In her 30s, she took a leap of faith to pursue graphic design after a career in engineering and IT. Her joyful and often female-centric work has appeared in The New York Times, MIT Technology Review and Samsung.

Rockaway: Where are you from?

Amrita Marino: I grew up in Calcutta (now called Kolkata), India.

What’s your favorite part of summer in NYC?

AM: Wandering the green markets in the city, and trying to find that perfect tomato.

You work with a lot of color, what influences your work?

AM: I spend a lot of time collecting images and taking pictures. I especially love the worlds of Andy Warhol and David Hockney who are both modern masters of color.

Where do you look for inspiration? 

AM: I’m obsessed with design history. The New York Public Library was a favorite pre-pandemic haunt and I’d spend hours discovering artists and designers. I also scour the internet and like mid-century modern or brands like Marimekko or Issey Miyake.

How do you balance work and play?

AM: When I have an opportunity to take off from work, I enjoy it. When I have a deadline, I work. I try to structure my work day as if I’m in an office --

a lunch break, errands or cooking something simple. Stepping away periodically allows me to look at it with fresh eyes when I return. 

What’s your summer mantra?

AM: I’m not a summer person which is ridiculous considering that I grew up in a very hot and humid part of India. My summer goal is to look forward to fall!

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The 411 : Adaptogens

From sodas to coffee to smoothies, these days, adaptogens are everywhere. Here’s the rub: used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries, these powerful herbs  ‘adapt’ to meet your body’s needs: from boosting energy to keeping us nice n’ chill. 

Endless Summer Energy (feat. maca and ginseng)

What Does It Do? Powers energy and focus (we grab pre-surf, pre-swim when we want an all-natural, caffeine-free-boost)

MACA: Grown high in Peru, this earthy root vegetable is used for enhancing energy and endurance. Bonus: it’s also used as an aphrodisiac and to improve fertility.
AMERICAN GINSENG: An aromatic root native to the eastern US is best known for boosting brain function and increasing memory, energy and focus.

Now Showing On Loop : ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK

Okay, we’re having another cult classic moment. Set in the near-future, Manhattan is a max security prison where anarchy reigns and our hero, Snake Plissken (played by an eye-patched Kurt Russell) has 24-hours to save the US President from mad criminals. We love the flick’s OG skyline and legit soundtrack (you know, Prophet-5 synthesizers, Fender guitars & acoustic pianos).


@djtanknyc is at it again, jammin to some classic reggae and dancehall as we sweat out that summer heat :



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