welcome september (the sneaky best month of summer, it aint over)!

yeah, we hear you, summer’s going by warp speed fast! but it’s not over yet: cuz’ we’re still soaking up the sun, surf and sea (although that’s 24/7 in our world). this month, with back-to-school x back-to-work vibes, we’re returning to the basics. we caught up with artist viscaya wagner, dropped by nyu for some #lovethebodega sips, and watched what most consider the first hip hop movie. that’s not all: we’re also sharing news about undercurrent, an up-and-coming exhibition with some big name artists trying to help save the planet.


Viscaya Wagner is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and curator based in Vermont (and having recently moved from Brooklyn, NY).

ROCKAWAY: Where are you from?

VC: I grew up in Lincoln, Vermont - it's the sweetest little town in the Green Mountains. 

ROCKAWAY: You recently moved from NYC. What did you love about summer here?

VC: I'm missing picnics along the river at Transmitter Park. And I'm always missing the incredible food and amazing nooks and crannies of the city you're able to just stumble upon.

ROCKAWAY: You work with a lot of color, what influences your work?

VC: I love neutral, tonal colors, but I'm also drawn to brighter, more energetic schemes. The most important thing about color is making sure there's balance in the composition. I'm drawn to earthy colors found in the natural world. I use a lot of rusty oranges, grey-blues, and mustard yellows. 

ROCKAWAY: Where do you look for inspiration? 

VC: I'm inspired when I'm out in the woods or at the river. I love picking up stones and finding plants or mushrooms to draw forms from. Travel is inspiring to see other materials, colors, and methods of making and living... It's something I've deeply missed this last year and half of COVID!

ROCKAWAY: How do you balance work and play?

VC: I'm not sure I've found balance yet, but it's something I work on every day. It’s tricky when your work is tied to your identity. I try to keep my work to typical hours and limit social media. I’m also trying to take a real lunch break, instead of eating at my desk!

ROCKAWAY: What’s your summer mantra?

VC: Slow down and soak it up!

#lovethybodega :



Last year, this newbie corner spot opened in the heart of Greenwich Village’s NYU campus. Drop in for the essential deli staples you-know-and-love: cold cuts, layered sandwiches, chips and assorted snacks. And of course, in the refrigerated section, you’ll find our refreshing ROCKAWAY sips. 

Addy: 240 Sullivan Street, NYC 10012

Now Showing On Loop :



“Being a graffiti writer is taking the chances and s*&t, taking the risks.”

This low-budget flick follows South Bronx graffiti artist Zorro (played by “Lee” Quinones) and his crew as they tag the streets + subways, outwitting the cops along the way. Fab 5 Freddy, Busy Bee Starski and Grandmaster Flash headline, but we especially dig the ending, a big ole’ dynamite outdoor party and music fest at East River Park. 


ROCKAWAY is thrilled to be the exclusive non-alcoholic beverage sponsor for Undercurrent, an immersive art experience that looks at climate change, and features audiovisual art from groundbreaking artists such as Bon Iver, Miguel, Grimes, and more. (September 9th thru October 3rd)

Be the first to experience Undercurrent and get $10 off your ticket for the first two weeks of the Brooklyn event with code ROCKAWAY10.

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