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heya december.  month of hustle and flow.  to recap nov: we picked up some sweet tips from our artist pals: Laura Sills (“get into the flow with a good playlist”), Kevin Moraczewski (“take your time”) and Carolina Amell (“keep it simple and salty”). Our on loop flick takes up back to 1920s NYC. Need a soundtrack? Crank up some Rockaway beats and grab a 12-pack (psst: we ship free in the US). 

Yep, the air is getting chilly but @Rockaway we channel endless summer energy.  Light a fire and stay toasty.  You got this, okay?

check it : nyc shutterbug @lauraskills

ROCKAWAY: Where are you from?

LS: I was born in Buffalo, NY, grew up in Indiana, and then moved to South Carolina in high school. A little bit of everywhere, but NYC is the first place I chose to call home.

ROCKAWAY: When did you start taking photographs and what caught your eye from an early age -- what was your visual diet?

LS: I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember. My mom was my first inspiration. I studied film in high school and I’ve seen half photo and half video, and that largely shaped my visual style. So did living at the beach and having a subject like the ocean so close. I’ve always loved sports photography and documentaries too. Walter Iooss is my all-time favorite.

ROCKAWAY: What do you love about photography -- and how do you get into the flow?

LS: I truly love the entire process. I fell in love with the darkroom process early and that was my safe haven. Being out shooting alone is where I'm my most creative, most confident, and most at peace. I get into the flow with a good playlist, and that’s usually all it takes. The first “good" shot of the day shifts my whole mood.

ROCKAWAY: What's your advice to someone who wants to learn how to take a picture?

LS: Get familiar with the basics of composition and lighting. Get to know your camera in manual mode so you feel most in control of the result. You have to go back to the basics. Then practice practice practice! Go where you've seen an image that you really like, and shoot it from 3 different angles. Find new vantage points and see what views and composition you gravitate towards. Trying to emulate artists you like can be useful - but only if you use that in order to find your own style and not to be a carbon copy of someone else. It takes patience, and a lot of missed shots to develop who YOU are as a photographer. That work is just as critical as learning how to work your camera.

ROCKAWAY: Talk about your New York shots — and what you love about the city and how you find inspiration?

LS: The first time I stepped foot in the city I knew it was home. Which is cheesy, but most “I belong in New York” stories are and that’s why we love them. I think people resonate with the “rose-colored, romantic glasses” tone of my shots. But it’s really how I see it all. Just slightly exaggerated.

ROCKAWAY: What's your fall motto?

LS: Only what is essential. I’m ready to slow down a bit for a season, so that I can speed back up with more focus.

more street luv @kevinmoraczewski

ROCKAWAY: Where are you from?

KM: I am from upstate New York, also having lived in NYC for 10 years.

ROCKAWAY: When did you start taking photographs --- and what caught your eye from an early age?

KM: I started taking photographs when I was in my early 20s. My older brother was into photography and he was my initial influence. I admire Sam Greg, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Bryan Birks, Ian Howorth, and Cristina Garcia Rodero.

ROCKAWAY: Talk about your wandering series — and what you were looking for in the set and setting?

KM: Walking around the streets at night can give someone an entirely new view. Most of the time I'm completely alone. I'd like this to be shown in the photographs.

ROCKAWAY: What do you love about photography -- how do you get into the flow?

KM: There are never ending compositions and ways to make a new photograph. A different film stock or a small change in the weather can drastically change the outcome.

ROCKAWAY: What's your advice to someone who wants to learn how to take a picture?

KM: Take your time. Try to make the photograph either as interesting or meaningful as possible. Make sure the light on the subject is always brighter than the background, this will ensure the eyes go where you want them to.

ROCKAWAY: What's your motto for fall?

KM: I enjoy both making photographs in natural light and drinking Natural Light!

and uber beauty from graphic designer and @bookpackager

ROCKAWAY: Where are you from?
CA: I am from Barcelona, Spain

ROCKAWAY: How do you describe the work you do?
CA: I'm a book packager specializing in illustrated nonfiction books, focused on creating quality and highly illustrated books. I'm dedicated to creating and publishing art, design, fashion, and visual culture titles. Basically: I put inspiring things together.

ROCKAWAY: What do you love about storytelling and what kind of visual diet did you have growing up?
CA: I love working with inspiring girls and great artists. It gives me new perspectives. I'm fascinated with visual culture trends. Graduating in graphic design and working in advertising as a creative for so many years has been important in my visual diet. I think traveling has been important too.

ROCKAWAY: How did you come to work on Surf Like A Girl, Extreme Like A Girl, and Skate Like a Girl?
CA: It all started with Surf like a Girl, I wanted to celebrate female wave chasers of the world!!!! Women who are breaking stereotypes. I wanted to show that women surfers have never been more talented and empowered than today. I wanted to make sure these women’s voices could be heard and could inspire others with their stories and with their lovely pictures! Skate like a Girl and Extreme like a Girl followed naturally from there.

ROCKAWAY: What do you love about extreme sports and how are women doing in the space?
CA: I’ve always been fascinated by extreme sports. I’ve learned a lot from these women about facing challenges, being strong and accepting weakness. About connecting with nature and the inner self. About how important it is to listen to ourselves rather than the rules of society. About following our dreams, it doesn’t matter if it is not easy. About letting go of all forms of fear. About being confident in our own skin. And above all: About being grateful.
ROCKAWAY: What is your fall mantra?

CA: Keep it simple and salty.

#lovethybodega : an homage

a little armchair travel from photographer david katzenstein. we’re always tipping our hats to the men and women behind the mom-n-pop bodegas and those spots that make nyc amazing sauce. 



“A million people—manners free and superb—open voices—hospitality—the most courageous and friendly young men.” - Walt Whitman

A legit collab between photographer Paul Strand + painter Charles Sheer, this silent 10-minute docu matches Walt Whitman’s namesake poem with iconic downtown black + white images – skyscrapers, bridges, harbors, rail yards and the BK Bridge. 

founder freestyle flow :

year flew, full recap and 2023 projections coming next month. enjoy the holiday cheer!

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